Teeth Whitening in Missouri City

Common causes of teeth stains in Missouri City

If you want your teeth to be as bright and white as possible to give you the most attractive smile, you will want to come into our dental practice, iSmile Specialists. At our office, patients are able to receive teeth whitening in Missouri City, as well as learn about the common causes of tooth stains.

At our dental practice, we offer the outstanding dental services of Dr. Wael Kanaan, our orthodontist, and Dr. Simon Samo, our prosthodontist. Our goal is to always make sure that our patients have a smile that is not only as attractive as possible, but that is healthy and long-lasting. Teeth whitening in Missouri City at our office will give you a smile that not only looks more attractive, but possibly also makes you look more youthful. This is because as teeth age they develop tiny cracks in the tooth surface which allows the teeth to absorb more tooth staining materials. Some of the most common foods that cause tooth stains are beverages. Coffee, tea, wines, and brightly colored sports drinks all contribute to the staining of your teeth. Although berries are extremely delicious to eat and even helpful for us, they also can cause serious tooth staining. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries all can cause tooth staining which will damage the appearance of your smile. Of course, cigarette smoking also contributes to tooth staining. So, if you are looking for another good reason to quit cigarette smoking, you may want to consider the toll it will take on the appearance of your smile.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding teeth whitening in Missouri City, simply contact our office today. Our prosthodontist will make sure that your teeth are as attractive as possible, and our orthodontist will make sure that you have a beautifully straightened and healthy smile.

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