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Sugar Land dental care

Sugar Land dental care

A dental exam at ISmile Specialists is a thorough oral checkup that addresses the well-being of your teeth, gums, jaws, and your entire mouth. Our Sugar Land dental care is about more than just preventing and treating tooth decay, but also about stopping gum disease and early detection of oral cancers. We recommend a checkup for all our valued patients two times per year. This way, any potential concerns will be detected in a timely fashion, resulting in simpler and more effective solutions than if they are left untreated for too long.

Starting with a physical exam of your teeth, our dentist will be able to note any loose teeth, fillings, or restorations, as well as any abnormalities that should be investigated. Your gums, which are a sometimes overlooked, but vitally important component of your overall oral health, will be screened for signs of periodontal disease, such as reddening, inflammation, or bleeding. An analysis of your occlusion as part of our Sugar Land dental care will ensure that your bite is properly aligned. Your upper and lower teeth should be meeting properly. Jaw problems can cause discomfort when you open and close them.

X-rays provide a close-up look at what’s going on inside your teeth. Even a small cavity can be detected. That gives our Sugar Land dental care the opportunity to fill it before it can grow. Large cavities are more closely associated with a greater risk for infections of the tooth’s pulp, the need for root canal therapy, and the loss of teeth. Plaque and tartar are the primary culprits in both tooth decay and gum disease. A teeth cleaning eradicates any plaque and tartar that have been hiding between teeth and in gum pockets, giving you a greater chance of avoiding future cavities and gum problems.

If you’re not used to getting an oral cancer screening as a part of your dental checkup, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by our Sugar Land dental care. As with cancer anywhere in the body, early detection is linked to the best odds of positive outcomes. If any signs of possible oral cancer are found, we will refer you to an appropriate specialist for follow-up treatment.

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