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Missouri City TMJ dentist

Missouri City TMJ dentist

Jaw problems, particularly TMJ disorder, can create frustrating and painful obstacles to opening and closing your mouth. Here at iSmile Specialists, Missouri City TMJ dentist are pleased to provide TMJ treatments that offer relief effectively and reliably.

You probably are like most people in that you don’t think much about how important your normal jaw function is. You use them to speak, laugh, chew, and yawn, for just a few examples. This simple joint connects your lower jaw to your skull’s temporal bone. When the TMJ (temperomandibular joint) malfunctions, you will probably experience symptoms such as tenderness in your jaws, pain when chewing, your jaws locking up when you move them up and down or side to side, and facial pain that may extend up to your ears and the surrounding area. This all can occur as the result of an injury, accident, disk erosion, or even arthritis. What is less essential than why you have developed TMJ disorder is that our Missouri City TMJ dentist can address it. You won’t always have obvious symptoms. Some mid cases will just resolve on their own, without the need for any intervention. However, many times there will be need for treatment, and the options available can range from exercise and physical therapy to nightguards. Other possibilities are over-the-counter pain relievers for the discomfort and muscle relaxers for managing teeth clenching at night. Surgery is not typically needed, but may be the choice of last resort if all non-invasive methods have proven to be insufficient to offer the desired results. The bottom line, though, is that you should meet with our Missouri City TMJ dentist when you are experiencing any consequences that are related to the jaws and how they operate.

Don’t try to tough it out. Contact our office and let us arrange a timely appointment with our Missouri City TMJ dentist.

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