Missouri City Dental Checkup

Preventive care in Missouri City

Missouri City dental checkup

Missouri City dental checkup

If you are looking for an expert dental practice, that offers a wide range of services, you will want to become familiar with our dental office, ISmile Specialists. At our office you can receive a Missouri City dental checkup, as well as receive preventive orthodontic care or other specialty services.

At our practice, Dr. Wael Kanaan, is our expert and highly trained orthodontist. Dr. Simon Samo, offers prosthodontics services. Dr. Wesam Salha is our periodontist. Young patients between the ages of seven and eleven are able to come to our practice for a Missouri City dental checkup to see if they will benefit from interceptive orthodontic care. If our orthodontist sees that your child is developing a problem with their bite, or that all of their permanent teeth will not be able to erupt due to lack of room in your child’s mouth, your child can be treated with preventive care so that they will not have to have tooth extractions or involved orthodontic care once they are a teen. This type of phased-in approach is now extremely popular with orthodontists nationwide because it is now well proven that preventive orthodontic care will not only save money, but will save teeth as well. When children have phase one interceptive orthodontic care, they will not need to have as many, if any teeth extractions, once regular orthodontic care begins. During interceptive orthodontic care, our young patients can be treated with many different types of dental appliances which can help expand their jaw, or influence the way the jaw grows so that it will not only meet the opposing jaw better, but so that there will be room for all permanent teeth to erupt in their right places.

If you would like your child to come into our practice for a Missouri City dental checkup to see if phase one interceptive orthodontic care will help to improve their orthodontic situation, simply contact us for an appointment. We are also happy to offer braces for patients of all ages.

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