Invisalign Braces in Sugar Land

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Invisalign braces in Sugar Land

Invisalign braces in Sugar Land

If you’ve been thinking about how you’d like to get your teeth straightened, but you can’t imagine yourself wearing braces, then keep reading because we have an exciting alternative for you. Traditional braces are made from metal. They can contain toxic mercury in them. And the wires and brackets are less than beautiful to wear. If that isn’t enough to consider, let’s also point out that metal braces can be uncomfortable to wear, digging into your gums. So what to do? After all, not only are misaligned teeth unsatisfying when you smile, but they can also lead to discomfort and an occlusion (bite) that is off. The answer is our Invisalign braces in Sugar Land.

If you’ve never heard of it, Invisalign is a revolutionary system of clear plastic aligners. Using modern 3-D computer technology, the aligners are designed for a precise fit. And unlike metal braces, you will wear a total of between 12 and 48 Invisalign aligners during the process of moving your teeth into proper alignment. Each one is specific to one stage. You wear it for about two weeks and then it will be discarded in favor of the next one. And the good news is that because they’re made of clear plastic, they don’t mar your appearance the way metal braces do. Unless someone is standing very close to you, they may not even notice you’re wearing anything at all. That’s one of the biggest advantages of our Invisalign braces in Sugar Land.

There’s even more good news, though. You won’t have to adhere to a list of forbidden foods when you wear your aligner. That’s because they’re removable. You take them out when you eat. And also when you brush and floss, making it far easier to maintain a high level of dental hygiene. Otherwise, you will wear your aligner all day and night, even while you sleep. So if your teeth alignment could stand improving and you’ve been holding back because of the stigma of “braces,” don’t wait any longer. Call us and schedule a consultation to see if our Invisalign braces in Sugar Land is right for you.

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