Dentist Office in Missouri City

Living with dentures in Missouri City

Dentist office in Missouri City

Dentist office in Missouri City

Living with dentures is really very easy. All you have to do is follow a few very simple guidelines and you will have a rewarding experience. Here at ISmile Specialists, restoring your complete smile is important. And dentures, both partial and complete, are simple and effective. And virtually anyone is a good candidate to get them from our dentist office in Missouri City.

Partial dentures are also called removable bridges, which distinguish them from fixed ones. Many patients prefer being able to remove their dentures, because there is more flexibility in how they fit, and therefore comfort level. Partial dentures and complete dentures are both constructed the same way: a pink plastic base that is designed to blend in with your gums is fitted with prosthetic teeth. There are clasps on either side with partials so that the dentures can be attached to the neighboring teeth. You will also use dental adhesive to hold both partial and complete dentures at the gum line. Our dentist office in Missouri City will take impressions that the dental lab will use as a guide to make your dentures. Living with them begins with how they relate to eating your food. Start by cutting large pieces into smaller ones, and try to keep to softer foods initially. You should also avoid sticky foods during this period. Chew on both side so that consistent pressure is put on each side. Maintaining them consists of three simple activities: take them out to rinse after you eat, brush them daily, and soak them overnight. For partial dentures, be sure not to damage your clasps. And with all dentures, take care not to bend them.

Book an appointment to come to our dentist office in Missouri City to get started with dentures. Having a full complement of teeth is good for your smile, good for your chewing and digestion, and good for your teeth alignment.

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