Dental Exams in Sugar Land

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Your teeth, gums, and your entire mouth are important to your oral health, so our dental exams in Sugar Land cover a lot of ground. When you come to our dental office, you’ll have your teeth examined including x-rays, your gums checked, have your jaw alignment checked, get a cleaning, and be screened for oral cancer. At the conclusion of your visit, you’ll have the confidence to know that your dental well-being has been addressed thoroughly.

Dental exams in Sugar Land

Dental exams in Sugar Land

Of course, a physical and visual checking of your teeth and gums is essential. Dr. Kanaan will be able to determine if you have any loose teeth, loose fillings, reddened gums, or other obvious concerns. X-rays provide a close-up look at your teeth and find any evidence of cavities, even small ones. It’s important to have cavities filled before tooth decay has the opportunity to erode even more of your tooth enamel and form even larger cavities, which can put you at risk for an infection or abscess. The result of that can be the need for root canal therapy or even a tooth so badly decayed that it needs to be removed. Our dental exams in Sugar Land are about helping you save your natural teeth and keep them whole.

A full periodontal probe is done to detect any signs of gum disease. The early stage, called gingivitis, can often be reversed with a dental cleaning or two. Periodontitis, the latter stage, typically requires more extreme treatment that can include more invasive scraping or even the need for gum surgery. Again, the earlier an issue is found, the more likely that a positive outcome will be easy to effect. Your occlusion, also called your bite, will also be analyzed during our dental exams in Sugar Land. If your upper and lower jaw are not aligned properly, you can experience discomfort or pain when you eat or speak.

Not every dental office does a cancer screening as part of your exam, but we think it’s essential. You may notice a trend here, but any cancer- including those of the mouth- are associated with the best results when found early on. As much benefit as our dental exams in Sugar Land provide, it’s also wise to consider lifestyle adjustments such as giving up tobacco (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless) and drinking alcohol only moderately. You should also be sure to use sunscreen on your lips when you’re outside, something that can be easily overlooked.

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