Clear Braces in Sugar Land

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Have you heard about clear ceramic braces? Are you or your child interested in this as a treatment option for orthodontic work? If you are interested in learning more about clear braces in Sugar Land, we hope you will come and visit us at ISmile Specialists.

Clear braces in Sugar Land

Clear braces in Sugar Land

At ISmile Specialists our expert orthodontist is Dr. Wael Kanaan. Dr. Kanaan is very experienced in providing patients with the best orthodontic work available. There are many options for orthodontic treatment, and clear braces in Sugar Land is proving to be a popular treatment method for both teens and adults. Ceramic braces are made of clear materials and are much less obvious to wear than traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces are a preferred option on older teens and adult patients who have concerns about being seen with braces. However cosmetic braces do have some special care needs. Ceramic braces, although less visible, are larger and more brittle than traditional metal braces. For this reason, ceramic braces are a better option for use on the upper front teeth than on the lower teeth.

Clear braces are completely translucent. They do not stain, which is an important plus when it comes to ceramic braces. These braces are popular because they are able to just about blend in with the color of the patient’s teeth and are therefore are not very noticeable at all. The braces’ ties can even be made up of clear elastic, making the braces as inconspicuous as possible. Ties can also be made up of white metal. The metal ties are stronger and are more noticeable, but can be tightened more strongly, shortening the necessary treatment time. Ceramic braces can have certain drawbacks and so are not recommended in all orthodontic situations. Our dentist, Dr. Kanaan will be happy to meet with you and assess your or your child’s specific needs. He will then be able to recommend exactly what would be the best way to proceed with clear braces in Sugar Land. Ceramic braces are also a more expensive option than traditional metal braces, but for many people the added cost is a price they are willing to pay to have less conspicuous orthodontic work. They type of braces you get is in part a functional decision, and part an aesthetic decision. Dr. Kanaan and you will be able to come to the best mutual decision about treatment once your individual case is assessed and you have all the necessary and precise information. If you would like to meet with Dr. Kanaan regarding clear braces, contact us today at ISmiles Specialists for a consultation appointment.

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