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Dentures in Sugar Land

Cosmetic Dentist in Sugar Land

Cosmetic Dentist in Sugar Land

Dentures, partial and full, have been around for a long time and for the best reason possible: they do a great job of replacing missing teeth simply, safely, and cost-effectively. Among the advantages that dentures provide are that they are removable, and that many people find that they feel more comfortable and natural than a fixed bridge does. At ISmile Specialists, we encourage you, our valued patient, to fill that empty space where you used to have teeth. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, missing teeth can cause the remaining ones to shift and result in discomfort or a misaligned bite. Of course, if you need full dentures, it is obvious that it can be very challenging or even impossible to eat without any teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Let our 77478 cosmetic dentist help with that.

Whether partial or complete, dentures are all made from impressions taken here at our office. They are sent off the dental lab, where your dentures are fashioned to fit you with precision and comfort. They will include a plastic base, colored to resemble the hue of your gums, so that it blends in well. On top of the base will be your prosthetic teeth. Our 77478 cosmetic dentist will fit your dentures to you, and make any adjustments that are required.

Partial dentures are held in with dental adhesive at the gum line, and with clasps that attach to the tooth on either side of the dentures. This ensures a more reliable fit, so that you can chew, speak, and laugh with confidence. By contrast, full dentures do not have the added stability of clasps. They are simply held in with adhesive. You will need to take a little time to get used to wearing them, and our 77478 cosmetic dentist will assist with guidance and recommendations to point you in the right direction.

Partial dentures can be put in right way, but complete dentures will usually need a delay of several weeks to a few months after the last of your natural teeth have been removed. This is to allow for natural shrinking of gum and bone tissue. Our 77478 cosmetic dentist will discuss all of the details with you, including the possibility of temporary dentures to give you something to use during the wait.

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